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Virtual Private Server hosting - cloud

Hosted Servers  - Dedicated and VPS

We use non-native metatrader dedicated and virtual server providers (ie not the VPS providers that come with MT4).   The main two reasons being security and the level of control you have over your valueable assets - your trading robots.   

Why use a hosted server:
- set and forget: uninterrupted 24x7 operation of MT4 / 5 trading.  Most providers are rated 99.99% uptime.
- monthly costs: easier to offset this cost against your trading profits.
- easy acess. Using the downloadable Remote Desktop app you can access your VPS from your mobile phone or tablet anywhere in the world via the internet.
- easily scalable.  As your EAs become more complex and require more computer power its easy to adjust your VPS plan without interferring wth your robots operation.

What do we use:  
Primary Server: Dedicated server hosted in the cloud
Secondary Server: barebones VPS ... this is used as a backup option.