About FXQU-FXQU - FX Trading Robotics

FXQU - FX Trading Robotics

 The founder of FXQU graduated as an electrical engineer back in 1994 and his studies included Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning (Artificial Neural Networks and machine reasoning).  Once in the workforce his attention quickly turned to software development and programming everyday work tasks into repeatable code.    He first began analysing the stock market in 1997 and from there the journey of attempting to create fully automatic trading software began.  His passion for the financial markets grew and this eventually, in 2005, led him to work for a major blue chip Investment bank in London on the FX Spot desk as an algorithmic trader.  Working in London presented him with the opportunity to focus on the enormous and highly volatile FX markets.  Returning to Perth in 2007 he has since been working on building a fully automated trading robot that adapts to the ever changing FX markets with out the risk of human emotion.  This robot, 20 years in the making, is called FXQU_A1.

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